Sentinel is reinventing the way you manage your infrastructure

Have great visibility on your infrastructure and prevent any things that can occur. 

Sentinel modernize your equipment so that you are informed in real time of the situation.




Any shocks

Sentinel redefines your relationship with your infrastructure.

Save and earn money. Minimize your carbon footprint.

Take control of your maintenance costs.

Sentinel operates in different areas

Power lines

Solar panels

Wind turbines



The all-in-one AI based maintenance monitoring system that you need for your infrastructure.

​Shock detection and localization

Sentinel detects and localize any shock that can occur in your infrastructure.

​​Anomalies detection and localization

Sentinel can detect easily uncoupling, corrosion or any kind of unexpected event.

​24h monitoring and Real time alert

You can focus on what truly matter because Sentinel is keeping an eye for you and tell you when there is something strange


You know what's going on exactly on your installations whatever the external conditions.

Sentinel can handle tough situations.

10 years autonomy

Don't replace maintenance issues with sensors issues. Gain serenity. Sentinel takes care of your infrastructures for you.

AI based sensor

Great technology for your great infrastructure. 

Sentinel is smart enough for taking care of the data.

Easy clip

You just have to take the sensor, plug it et voilà !

Sentinel makes your life easy.

Sentinel detects and localize structural anomalies in real time

 by using vibration analysis

Sentinel uses vibration data to know everything about your infrastructure.



Clip Sentinel on your infrastructure.


That's it

Sentinel will tell you in real-time if something occurs by analyzing the vibration of the structure.

Sentinel has won two big prices

EDF pulse Grand Est​ - Futur industry 2019


​Our customers and partners

They trust Sentinel when it comes to
delivering a highly engaging experience.

Sentinel is the all-in-one maintenance monitoring system that you need

Sentinel combines fantastically powerful technologies with a fiercely committed service.

Figure out how Sentinel can help you.

You are a manufacturer

Discover how can you use Sentinel for maximising your profit and earn more money.

You are a Large infrastructure operator

Discover how you can use Sentinel to monitor easily your infrastructure and optimize your cost of maintenance.

Where is Sentinel ?

Right now, Sentinel operates in France, Switzerland and Canada. Sentinel is an explorer and ready to discover new places if you are ready to welcome it.

Ready to change the way you maintain your infrastructure ?

Sentinel is waiting for your decision to better take care of your infrastructure and make your life easier.