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Gain valuable information and optimize the maintenance of your infrastructures by real-time remote surveillance.

anomalies detection on static structures using AI. Overview of all the infrastructures.

Flod proposes a solution of connected maintenance based on IA, including smart sensors that remotely and in real time bring up the operating information of your equipment on your dashboard.

Sentinel icon

IoT sensors
for collecting data

Recording and transmission of vibration, temperature and inclination. Infrastructure monitoring system.

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Sentive AI
for analysing data

Specialized in the classification of time series. Vibration analysis service.
Unique and proprietary technology.

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Saas Platform
for visualizing data

View anomalies, receive failure alerts, and control infrastructures health remotely in real-time.

Our solution based on IoT Sensors and AI for Power Lines Utility Industry

Discover how you can use Flod to better monitor remotely your static infrastructures and be more effective on site.

Automated monitoring for your static structures

Anomalies detection on infrastructures

Detect any anomalies that occurred on your infrastructures.

Rare event detection on infrastructures

Detect any rare events that occurred on your infrastructures.

Use AI for monitoring large static structure and detect corrosion, aging

Follow the evolution of your infrastructures (corrosion, structural aging...).

Shock localization and information on any structures

Localize any shocks that occurred on your infrastructures.

See how our solution could benefits your company - Industry 4.0

Example of use cases

  • Corrosion detection
  • Uncoupling detection
  • Short circuits detection and localization
  • Comparaisons of structures
  • Asset aging evolution
  • Predictive maintenance
  • External aggression
  • Asset breakdown

 1. Get a clear vision of all your assets

Instantly Identify Damaged asset and know which structure need to be care of.

2. Send crews prepared

Identify equipment and personnel needed for repairs without requiring a physical inspection of the pole prior to arrival.

3. Improve inspection speed, accuracy, and reduce inspection costs

Optimize the maintenance of your assets and don't lose time going on site for nothing. Increase revenue and save cost of maintenance.

4. Increase asset lifetime

By knowing the sollicitation of an assets by different factors, we can estimate an insight about the age of the structure.

5. Improve customers satisfaction

6. Lower reputation risk

Our solution for industry 4.0 is 

Intelligent system and AI


Sentive AI, our powerful vibration analysis learns the behavior of any structure, and keeps learning over time. An anomaly detected today becomes an identified event tomorrow.

Universel system for monitoring


Our vibration analysis algorithm can learn to identify any stationary or transient vibration on your structure.

Innovative solution for predictive maintenance


monitoring the integrity of rigid structures by analyzing their vibrations. A solution that can be integrated into industry 4.0 

Simple system for predictive maintenance.


Flod are easily installed, affordable for both small and large utilities and require no assistance from IT or programming teams.

Industry 4.0 Solution -

Improve now the way

you monitor your static infrastructures.

Change the way you monitor your infrastructures