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For helping utilities companies changing the way they fo their maintenance.

At Flod, we thrive to change the way utilities companies monitor their large and extended static structures

Why it matters

Today routine inspections of large statics infrastructures assets are done by visual inspection (helicopters, drones). To do this huge resources are deployed. It takes times and it is very costly.

With our solution, we aim at modernizing the way utilities companies gather information from their assets in order to optimize their maintenance.

Millions of power lines are old and need to be modernized.

Why now

The number of outages is still increasing and it is getting worse because the infrastructures are aging and the incapacity to know exactly where and when to do the maintenance of the structures exactly.

Moreover, because of the global warming, the weather tend to be more unstable provoking more severe weather conditions that tend to wear out the structures. 

Why us

We provide a turnkey solution with IoT sensors and AI analysis software for monitoring static structures.

We have R&D experience with real detection of specific use case like corrosion or uncoupling.

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