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Sensors IoT for data acquisition

Data analysis

Custom-made interface

Getting accurate data from sensors

We have been working for several years on data acquisition by  using robust, autonomous and light IoT sensors.
We can help you on all your projects where you need to get data:

Which sensors to use ?

  • What are the current electronic component technologies?
  • What are the quantities to be measured ? For which objectives? What do you need to capture ?

How to transmit the data?

  • Which technology to use, wired or wireless?

How to secure data?

  • How to avoid espionage?

Which information system is needed for storage?

  • Data warehouse ? Data Lake ?
  • Time Series ?

Data analysis 

We can help you to analyze your data.

  • What does the collected data say about the status of my installation? On its evolution?
  • What are the benefits of using a system based on artificial intelligence? How to set it up?
  • How to measure the performance of the algorithms?
  • What are the most efficient existing algorithms?
  • Which algorithms do I need?

Custom-made interface

We can build your custom visualization interfaces.

  • what are the clearest user interfaces for understanding the situation?
  • What are the terminals on which the information is displayed? Smartphone ? Computers, tablets, touch screen? Hardened field phone?
  • Do I need a geographic information system?
  • How do I manage the security of data access?

Our process is simple

Step 1.

We talk about your project with your words in order to identify your needs.

Step 2.

We agree on a set of specifications describing our technological proposal.

Step 3.

As soon as the green light is given we implement the solution in production.

Step 4.

We write progress reports and organize meetings to explain the results.

Why work with us ?

Our outstanding customer sense

Our outstanding customer service

Our Outstanding customer communication


Check what some of our clients say about us

RTE Reseau Transport Electricité - Partenaire Flod AI Solution d'analyse prédictive.

Sebastien Lacaze

DIES - Engineering Development Department

[...] The results were very quickly commented and explained by FLOD.
I appreciated the availability of FLOD and the popularization of our exchanges. […]
Their listening and our sharing on our real needs and the purpose of this monitoring is very appreciable... "

Nicolas Perrin

Deputy regional director - Enedis Champagne Ardenne

The objective of the experiment was to estimate the credibility and the prospects of an anomaly detection that could affect the aerial power distribution network through a vibratory analysis. The approach is based on recording and analyzing baseline situations on a "healthy network", then recording and analyzing typical fault situations, then testing FLOD's ability to distinguish between abnormal and abnormal situations. normal situations in order to achieve effective predictive maintenance.

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