Case study : How RTE is using our solution to help them monitor their power lines ?

​​Structure that may fall down, short circuit, trigger and lightning impact detection, corrosion detection, structure health...

​Context and Objectives

​RTE has specific use cases where they want to use the solution propose by Flod. So that, they can do a better maintenance.

​Structure Monitoring in a landslide area

​Monitor remotely and precisely  the potential displacement and inclination of ​a structure located in a landslide area.

​Shock monitoring on multiples structures

​Monitor remotely different shocks that could occurs on their structure and that could be link to short circuits or lighting impact. 

​Temperature monitoring on conductive

​To transmit a maximum of electricity in a conductor without reaching the limits due to a too important heating of the cable and/or has a too important sag.

​Vibrations analysis on multiples structures

​Determine the unique vibration signature of some structures ​and consider monitoring the condition of the support and the constraints applied to it.

  1. 1
    ​Evaluation of the specifications and installation of the ​sensors​ on ​several locations.
  2. 2
    ​Specific data are collecting ​and multiple treatments are done.
  3. 3
    ​Data visualization and generated reports
    ​​So that RTE can now what happens on their structures
  4. 4
    ​Feedback and service improvement
    Customer satisfaction and quality work is essential for us.

​Alert management

​If somethig is unusual, an alert is raised and the user is alerted by email/sms.

​Platform access 

​24/7, anywhere.

​Some features

​Deformation and verticality of the structure

​Corrosion ​analysis

​Inclination and deplacement monitoring

​Shock analysis

Some sensors that has been installed on site

Multiples sensors have been Installed for RTE

​Several sensors have been installed ​all over France

​Sensor in the Finistère region

​Sensor in the Finistère region

​Sensor in the ​Laruns region

​Sensor in the ​Laruns region

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