Technical Update Nov. 20 – Asset Deformation Tracking

Flod develops a complete solution for monitoring remotely static structures such as high voltage lines. This solution is composed of a hardware part (sensors) and a software part (the SaaS + AI web application).

Highlight of the month

This month, we would like to focus on "Deformation Tracking", a feature that have been released on the Dashboard and that is useful for our current customer.

We are also exploring new ways to improve this feature: your feedback would be great !

Deformation tracking over time

By using two or more sensors, our system can measure the deformation of a given structure.

Deformation tracking of an asset like power line

Our goal is to compute a digital twin. With two sensors, it is possible to estimate the tilt or the curvature of the structure. With three sensors and more, we can go 3D and provide a better accuracy.

Thanks to this function, the customer may foresee the evolution of the structure over time in order to anticipate any possible action in relation to it.

This information is available via our API.

Your feedback

At Flod, we thrive to add new features and improve the utility of our solution over time.

We would like to go further and instead of having a 2D visualization of the deformation, we plan to have a 3D visualization directly on the dashboard.

As a company with static structures, we would be happy to hear from you about how this can help you in your different use cases ?

Finally, what is most important to you in the management of your structures? What would you like to observe?

Other improvements of the month

  • Bug fixes
  • Code optimization
  • API improvement
  • Working on our new AI
  • UI/UX improvement

In case you missed the last feature presentation, you can read our first technical newsletter right here about assets and stocks categorization. This will give you an overview of our complete solution.

Flod AI - Power line remote monitoring.

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