Technical Update Oct. 20 – Asset categorization and shock tracking

Flod develops a complete solution for monitoring remotely static structures such as high voltage lines. This solution is composed of a hardware part (sensors) and a software part (the SaaS + AI web application).

Highlight of the month

We are proud to have released the new version of the FLOD web application. In addition to the numerous optimizations and functions implemented, labels and visual indicators have been added to the dashboard to facilitate the remote monitoring of structures.

The Solution:

The Flod dashboard makes it possible to quickly see remotely what is happening on the static structures, in this case here, high-voltage lines.

  • Each customer has one or more parks. A park contains a set of structures and each structure is monitored by one or several sensors.
  • All the information collected and sent by the sensors is sent back to the dashboard and analyzed.

For each structure equipped with one or more sensors, it is possible to monitor

  • its verticality over time
  • Its deformation
  • the number of shocks received and their associated power
  • vibratory modes variations reflecting a change in its rigidity
  • potential short circuits
  • certain incidents on the network interpreted by the above-mentioned information

Zoom on labels and visual indicators

Visual indicators for monitoring power lines and static structures

A visual indicator makes it possible to see the general condition of a structure or set of structures at a glance.

This indicator, which can be green, yellow, orange or red, synthesizes all the data received by our sensors using our proprietary algorithms.

Thus, it is very easy to see at a glance the different events that have taken place on a structure or a set of structures.

Visual indicators for keeping an eyes on your assets

Other improvements of the month

  • Bug fixes
  • Code optimization
  • UI/UX improvement

Thank for your attention.

Flod AI - Power line remote monitoring.

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