Explore how our ​Data visualization platform can benefit your company

​Access your Analytics & Monitoring Portal for online dashboards displaying anomalies, shock information like localization, alerts, structures deplacement evolution and other interesting data.

​Our data visualization platform allows you to quickly get informations about your infrastructures.

Shock ​Information
​Verticality of the structure
Inclination data
​Speed and deplacement
​Spectrum data

​Get a glimpse of what's happened on your infrastructure

  • ​​Accessible from anywhere: smartphone or computer
  • No need to install any extra software 
  • Real-time display, analysis and reporting
  • Designed to be simple: you know easily if something happened
  • Get instant notifications depending of your use cases
  • Sensor management option directly from the platform

​Discover how our solutions could help you to optimize the maintenance of your ​static infrastructures. 

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