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​​Flod has designed a proprietary hardware, which helps our customers to collect top-quality ​vibration and inclination data. The quality of data is the critical success factor ​process development in order to extract the right information.

Sentive AI - Powerful AI for monitoring static structures

Sentive API™ is an innovative AI that allows you to get accurate information about your static infrastructure.

Sentive AI is a self-organizing white-box neural network that operates in both unsupervised and supervised modes. The term white box means that it is possible to extract from Sentive AI the criteria for the response given by the artificial intelligence. The big advantage is that it is then possible to integrate this artificial intelligence into transparent decision-making processes.

You know exactly what is going on in your data and how Sentive AI has processed it.

Neural networks that build itself thank to the input data

The architecture of the network is built from the input data- without humans expertise.

Neural network architecture adaptive to data complexity
White box neural network
Frugal learning: single-presentation learning  (very fast learning, with few number of neurons) 
Supervised and non supervised learning on the same architecture

Sentive API™ can be used for multiple several use cases

​Thank to its technology, Sentinel™ can be used for many different static structures. ​Regardless of the static structure, sentinel can adapt itself.

Anomalies Detection
Shock localization
Structure aging comparison
Structure aging evolution
Combination of vibrations

The goal of Sentive AI is to make you more aware of the health of your static infrastructures so that you can do the right actions to optimize your maintenance.

Dashboard Overview - Overall views of the s static structures

​Get a view of the events

From spectrum collected by the sensors and our powerful AI, you will get a glimpse of what happened on your infrastructure.

​Know if your structure develops corrosion

​Thank to our power unsupervised classification system, you will ​classify your infrastructures according to their level of corrosion.

Detection and classification of corrosion on static structures
Anoamlies detection using unsupervised and frugal learning

​Detect any anomalies

Our AI classify timeseries data like vibration and detect an anomaly without any example of what an anomaly looks like.

​Discover how our solutions could help you to optimize the maintenance of your ​static infrastructures. 

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