Shock detection and localization using IoT sensors

By using FLOD IoT Sensors, you can check if something abnormal happens on your statics structures.

shock detection and localization

A shock is a sudden transient excitation of a structure that generally excites the structure’s resonances.

The 3-axis accelerometer records impacts and vibrations. The X Y Z accelerometer can detect the direction of the impact. Set up a maximum threshold on, e.g. 1 G and receive alarms when the threshold exceeds.

The shock sensor allows you to get:

  • G-force impacts measurement
  • Directions of impacts
  • Real-time alerts and historical data analytics
  • Time and location of events

A visual indicator makes it possible to see the general condition of a structure or set of structures at a glance.

This indicator, which can be green, yellow, orange or red, synthesizes all the data received by our sensors using our proprietary algorithms.

Thus, it is very easy to see at a glance the different events that have taken place on a structure or a set of structures.

Shock detection and localization

It can alert you when potential damage events occur in real-time or help you prove where and when damage occurred by logging shock events even when out of coverage.

Shock detection and localization

Interesting usecase 

  • To detect and localize any potential short circuit 
  • To check for any external aggression
  • To get an alert if something goes wrong in term of shock received by any sensors

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