Verticality monitoring using IoT sensors

By using FLOD IoT Sensors, you can track the displacement of an asset and the speed of its displacement over time.

This functionality is interesting if you need to monitor assets that are fragiles. For example, Your structures may be subject to landslides and you need to follow the evolution over time in order to make good decisions.

We track two importants things : 

  • The displacement of the asset and
  • the speed of displacement over time.
  • Coupled with this, we can measure the speed of every displacement so that if there is an irregular or rather abrupt measurement, we can detect it.

    On solid supports and stable ground, the structure has a zero displacement.

     Finally, we are able to detect if a structure fall down like you can see on the left

    Verticality and speed of deplacement

    Interesting usecase 

    • To track any displacement or movement of any structures
    • To get accurate inclination data 
    • To get an alert if something goes wrong in term of verticality or speed of displacement

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