Sentinel™ is the guardian of your infrastructure.

​Sentinel™ is the most advanced wireless sensor on the market for monitoring the degradation of your structures. It monitors the condition of your installations for you and warns you in real time if something happens. Corrosion, shock, any degradation... Nothing escapes Sentinel™.​

​This device provides operators with an effective solution for the control and quality assurance of static infrastructure and help for maintenance.

Let Sentinel monitor your infrastructure for you

Level warning

Vigilance 24/24

Integral visibility

Real time alert


​Sentinel™ can be used for several applications

​Thank to its technology, Sentinel™ can be used for many different static structures.

Regardless of the static structure, sentinel can adapt itself.

Sentinel™ for power lines.​​

Sentinel™ for pipelines.

Sentinel™ for solar panels.

Sentinel™ for power plants.

Sentinel™ for wind turbines.

Sentinel™ is able to detect several characteristics :

The objective of the experiment was to estimate the credibility and the prospects of an anomaly detection that could affect the aerial power distribution network through a vibratory analysis. The approach is based on recording and analyzing baseline situations on a "healthy network", then recording and analyzing typical fault situations, then testing FLOD's ability to distinguish between abnormal and abnormal situations. normal situations in order to achieve effective predictive maintenance.

Throughout this process, FLOD - 2015 Smart Grid Contest - has been an effective and changed partner;listening to our concerns.

Nicolas PERRIN - Deputy Regional Director

Enedis Champagne Ardenne

Sentinel™ uses multy layer vibration analysis technology

with a wide spectrum analysis sensor and an embedded artificial intelligence, Sentinel™ is able to break down the vibratory signal to analyze all the components and differentiate behaviors identified as normal, problematic or unknown.

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Sentinel™ features

10 years autonomy

Small and light : 120g

Robust and resistant 

Easy installation

Sentinel™​ come includes a data analysis platform​ 

  • ​Accessible from anywhere: smartphone or computer
  • No need to install any extra software 
  • ​Real-time display, analysis and reporting
  • ​Designed to be simple: you know easily if something happened
  • Possible integration with your SCADA system
  • Get instant notifications
  • Sensor management directly from the platform

Interested in Sentinel™ ?

​​Contact us today to find out how Sentinel™ can help you.