​Power lines industry solution

​Get precious informations of your infrastructures without going on site.

​Why it matters ?

​​Get an overview of all you structures may be a painful task. Flod has worked on multiple use cases that can be interesting for an utility company.

​Structure geometry

  • ​Is my structure falling down?
  • ​How curved is my structure ?
  • ​Is my structure deformed ?
  • Is my structure swinging abnormally?

​Shock localization and information

  • ​Has the structure received any abnormal shock?
  • ​Short-circuit detection and localization
  • ​lightning impact detection and localization

​Temperature measurement

  • What's the temperature on the conductive?
  • How to transmit a maximum of electricity in a conductor without reaching the limits due to a too important heating of the cable and/or has a too important sag.

​Vibration analysis

  • ​Corrosion detection
  • Uncoupling detection
  • ​Cable theft

Case study and testimonials

​Case Study : how RTE is using our solution to help them monitor their power lines ?

​Structure that may fall down, short circuit, trigger and lightning impact detection, corrosion detection, structure health...


What they say

​Nicolas Perrin

​Deputy regional director - Enedis Champagne Ardenne

The objective of the experiment was to estimate the credibility and the prospects of an anomaly detection that could affect the aerial power distribution network through a vibratory analysis. The approach is based on recording and analyzing baseline situations on a "healthy network", then recording and analyzing typical fault situations, then testing FLOD's ability to distinguish between abnormal and abnormal situations. normal situations in order to achieve effective predictive maintenance.

Throughout this process, FLOD - 2015 Smart Grid Contest - has been an effective and changed partner; listening to our concerns.

​Discover how our solutions could help you to optimize the maintenance of your ​​power lines infrastructures. 

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