Technical Update Dec. 20 – Verticality monitoring

Flod develops a complete solution for monitoring remotely static structures such as high voltage lines. This solution is composed of a hardware part (sensors) and a software part (the SaaS + AI web application).

Highlight of the month

This month, we would like to focus on "Verticality monitoring", a feature that have been released  several months ago on the Dashboard and Predict the is very useful for our current customer.

Verticality monitoring: a look back on a successful usecase

We track two importants things : 

  • The displacement of the asset and
  • the speed of displacement over time.

  • Coupled with this, we can measure the speed of every displacement so that if there is an irregular or rather abrupt measurement, we can detect it.

    On solid supports and stable ground, the structure has a zero displacement.

     Finally, we are able to detect if a structure fall down like you can see below:

    To summarize

    • You can track any displacement or movement of any structures using our solution
    • You can set specific threshold to be notified if it cross the line, or be notified if a behavior is not normal, for example a brutal displacement.
    • You just need to put the sensor of your asset and that's it
    • All this information is available via our API

    Your feedback

     We would like to empower our AI to build new features:

    • Predict the future movement over time of the asset
    • give the likeliness of the fall down of the asset
    • Find interesting patterns that can help to predict the evolution of a specific asset over time

    As a company, how do you plan to integrate these new features into your use cases?

    Other improvements of the month

    • Bug fixes
    • Code optimization
    • API improvement
    • Working on our new AI
    • UI/UX improvement

    Our previous articles

    In case you missed the last features presentation, you can access right here

    Flod AI - Power line remote monitoring.
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